We Heart San Francisco (Day 2: Mission District!)

We started off the day back at the Sugar Cafe, of course!

Then we took a bus to the Mission District for one of my favorite parts of the trip....seeing the Mission Murals and street art!!! We saw these beautiful houses and in the alleys of these neighborhoods are the most vibrant paintings I've ever seen! Beautiful!

 This one is my favorite...I love it!!!

More beautiful homes...

....and the alleys behind them! Each fence, garage door and gate so full of life and color!

 This was our view of homes on the hillside...

I can't tell you how inspired I was after seeing all of the beautiful murals and street art in the Mission District! We just wondered the streets and took it all in! We were enveloped in history, statements, expressions, emotions, creativity, color, and a freedom for the arts. It was magical to me.

Then we found a fantastic Mexican food restaurant and had amazing burritos and coke in a bottle!...YUM!

I'll be sharing the rest of our day later!
Hope you enjoyed seeing just a little bit of our experience in day two of San Francisco!

happy tuesday!

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