Art Party!

 Last night, Danielle and I had an AMAZING art party! Of course we started out with trip to our beloved new  Freebirds and quite a long wait, but we didn't mind because we had LOTS of catching up to do!

Then we spread out all of our supplies and got to it! I started working on a new art journal page! 
I can't wait to show you when it's finished!

Danielle is making the most amazing ceramic masks I've ever seen! They are beautiful!

While we were in San Francisco, Jeremy and I talked a lot about our creative dreams. I discovered that I really want to do more painting and mixed media art, especially art journaling! Sometimes it takes a little time away to see the bigger picture. I am so excited for a fresh and inspired start to the summer.....full of creating from the out pouring of my heart. :)

Thanks as always for reading! 
happy thursday!

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