We Heart San Francisco!

Hello blog friends! We're back!!! 
We had the most amazing time in San Francisco! Thank you for being so sweet and supportive of our special trip to relax, refocus, fall more deeply in love, get inspired, and experience new things! It was a blast and we have tons of pictures and stories to share soon. 

For now, here are a few pictures from our trip!

Coming up this week I'll share more from San Francisco, what I was inspired to create, new custom projects, and even my very first photos taken with my Diana Mini in San Fran!

Thanks for hanging in there with me! Y'all are the best!

happy tuesday!


The Dodds said...

What fun!!!!!! Can't wait to hear more about it!!

Molly Swanson said...

It was great and just what we both needed! :) You are too sweet and I would love to catch up with you again soon!