Fun with Packaging!

 Near the end of last week, I got a special order for two braided necklaces, a vintage tie coffee cozy, a flower clip, 3 postcards, and a 4x6 painting! I was SO FUN to wrap up this order to be given as a gift, I just HAD to share it with you!

We had such a fun weekend! We went to Austin to hang out with Jeremy's family, celebrate his mom's b-day,  eat at Whole Foods (yum!), see a peacock spread his feathers, inspect lily pads, relax in the beautiful weather, eat pizza with zucchini on it, and sip coffee overlooking the water! It was really great. :)

This week I have lots to do and share including (but not limited to!) a custom project, finishing the boat set, final meetings with Amanda and Sarah, getting ready for a special vacation next week (more on that soon!), and the great event this Saturday...IMAGINATION EXPLOSION!!! I'll be filling you in all week...this is something you won't want to miss!!!

Hope your Monday is LOVELY!

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emily said...

I love Pizza with Zucchini on it -- I'm so jealous! We had it in Italy & It's so delicious. What a fun weekend!