Weeked Wrap-up!

Jeremy and I had the best weekend together! It was wonderful to spend lots of time together relaxing, spending time together and getting a few things done. I was so excited to deliver a package on Friday.....it's one of my favorites to wrap things up! I got use my logo stamp along with a couple of my other favorite stamps and then I tied it all together with a skinny piece of recycled lace and a "moo card" tag!

Jeremy and I went on a special date out to a fancy dinner! It was fun to spend the evening talking and eating delicious food. It was just so nice to slow down and spend time.

The rest of our weekend included helping out at our church, snuggling on the couch, working on sketches,  Jeremy's cinnimon rolls with the best coffee ever!, planning a special trip together in the summer, and being so happy that we couldn't sleep!

how was your weekend?

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