Fresh for Spring!

I've been working away on lots of projects and I keep telling myself that my reward will be to freshen up our home for spring! I've been looking around for a few fun ideas and here's some of my favorites! Do you have any ideas or links for me? Please leave them in the comments!


I am loving these pillows and the mirror...SO bright in a subtle pallete!

M&J Trimming

I'm thinking of making some homemade pillows! I love these colors and textures!



Love these colors, with the eclectic feel and colorful flowers!

 Home Decoration and Gardening

It would be pretty to bring in some "nature" themes for spring!

 Casa Sugar

I think these oilcloth placemats would be beautiful for the table!

 Creature Comforts

My friend Kate and I have been dying to make these paper garlands!

Good Housekeeping

....pretty colored glass!

Elsie Flannigan

How amazing are these fabric alternatives to floral?!? :)

Marie Claire

Any thoughts on covering furniture? This is a pretty photo with the paper flowers!



Colorful banners are simply perfect!

pinterest find

pinterest find

 I like these light colored details

but I also love....


These bright pops of color!

Danielle Thompson

I hope you were inspired by these fresh ideas for Spring! I'm thinking about making:
-table decorations
-new pillows or pillow covers
-fabric banners
-eclectic photo displays
-and either a wreath or vase!

Comment your favorites and ideas!
Happiest of days!


Kate said...

Whaaaaaat???!!!! I love EVERY room you posted!!! Now I need a really REaLLY BIG house. Some will think I"m schitzo, when they see all the color. Ha!


Yuhasz Family said...

I love the nature themed pillows & the cute row of vases with a swatch of paper on them in bright colors! So many great things to choose from. The butterfly wreath is pretty fabulous too! Happy decorating!