Pretty Pink Flower Pillow!

I LOVED making a little flower pillow for a sweet baby nursery! It was certainly a challenge to make a felt flower (like the ones I create for coffee cozies) in such a large size, but I have I have to tell you...it was SO FUN! I hope this sweet little girl and her family enjoy this custom pillow. :)

I also got to sew in my new fabric label! YAY! I love to try new things...if you are interested in a custom project just email me (specsandwings@gmail.com)!

happy *bloomin'* day!


Ragan said...

where do you get your fabric labels? i haven't been able to find any that i'm crazy about for my bible covers

Kate said...

Molly I love it!! I can see my living room with one on my Granny's old chair...hmmmm...I may have to ponder that!

Love the labels! You're a genius & saved me @ Christmas with all those scarves.

I love you! Happy Birthday Week!