Date Night! ~ Matt & Ragan

These sweet friends of ours are SUCH an inspiration and encouragement to us! We love them and the story of how God brought them together and have weaved thier lives together as one. I'm thrilled to share their guest post with you today!

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And now for a very sweet love story....

About date night....we usually have date nights on Fridays, but what we really treasure are date DAYS! That's right, one day where we completely devote our time to one another and nothing else. I guess they are special because that's how our relationship began. A trip to the museum on a day off turned into, "Wanna do brunch before?", and after the museum, "I'm hungry, how about lunch?", "Wanna go shopping?", "Let's go here!", "Would you like to have dinner, or are you sick of me yet?", "Can I take you to a movie?" Our FIRST date was over 13 and a half hours long! We couldn't get enough of each other. Nowadays we are so busy that we rarely have the opportunity to spend entire days together, especially as spontaneous as that first one ;) 
This past Saturday, I woke up listening to Matt quietly talking on the phone about 10am. Matt usually goes into work on Saturday mornings, so I was surprised he was still at home. I asked him, "Aren't you going into the office?" And he cuddled up next to me on the bed and said, "No, I think I owe you at least one Saturday a month" *SMILES* So I got up and we just went out on an adventure! We have been talking about remodeling our master closet, so Matt took me to this really cool closet built-in place called California closets where we got lots of ideas and inspiration. Then we drove around north Dallas looking at all the HUGE and beautiful homes! "Woah, look at that one!" "Look at THAT one!" and all the really nice cars that went with them. Matt turns to me and says, "How about Sprinkles?" I could have just died right there. So we enjoyed cupcakes, and then Matt decided he wanted to take me to the mall for some shopping! After that, we came home and relaxed, then went out to dinner at "our place", and topped off the day with a sweet movie in the evening. Days like that are so rare. Any time we have to spend together like this reminds me of our very first date, the first day that we both knew that we had found the one. That's why date days are so special :)


Thanks Matt and Ragan! I love the idea of "date days"!!!
They sound like a blast!

Check out Ragan's incredibly artwork here!:

happy wednesday!

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