What's Next?...and a Giveaway!

(a late night Target run a couple nights before Christmas in Lubbock!)

I've been thinking about what's next for Specs & Wings in 2011! I'm planning to spend the rest of the week making lists of goals and ideas..... and loosely marking my calendar. (Also, I  hope to  get my supplies and studio in order!) I'm VERY excited! I'll be sharing some of my plans next week!


Until then, I'd LOVE to hear from you! Please comment here or email me (specsandwings@gmail.com) and answer 3 of these questions (don't forget to leave your email addy too!)...and I'll draw out one of your names for a flower clip and coffee cozy giveaway!!!

1. What's your favorite thing to see on Specs & Wings Blog? (inspiration, diy's, featured artists, etc...)
2. What would you like to see more of in the Specs & Wings Etsy Shop (http://www.specsandwings.etsy.com/)?
3. How many times a week to take a peek at the Specs & Wings Blog?
4. Describe Specs & Wings using 3 words.
5. What topic most interests you...."how to worship God through art", "living a creative life", "starting your own art biz",  or "a day in the life of an artist"?

Thanks! I'll draw a name on Monday Jan. 10th!
happy Thrusday! I can't wait to hear from y'all!


Regina said...

HI! I don't usually comment that much,shame on me, but I thought I'd give it a go this time. Favorite thing to see...probably inspirations for decorating and for gifting. Just this week on your etsy shop I was looking for note cards with a coffee related theme for my pastor's wife whose birthday is next week (I'm giving her one of your cozies already!). And I probably take a peek at your blog about 4 times a week. I usually go through all my blogs in the late morning as I sit to drink hot cocoa.

Kwyndawn said...

1.I love your original paintings. That is totally my favorite thing!
3.I check your blog at least once a week but sometimes more if I see you post on FB.
5.The topic that most interests me is "how to worship God through art".

Cari Denee said...

Btw...I am a fan of your page and I should comment more. I look at it at least every other day if not everyday. My favorite thing to see on the blog is featured artists and lots of pictures. I enjoy seeing your pictures of what you are doing. I enjoy it when you tell us about your faith and how you get it on paper. 3 words to describe S&Ws...Inspiring! Colorful! Encouraging! And what I would enjoy to see in the etsy shop...things for babies...I always have a baby shower that I have to go to lately and I always want something original. Does that help?!

Kerstin said...

Here are some answers for you:
1) My favorite blog posts are the inspiration collections you post, like the one from this morning. I need help seeing what others do to fuel my creativity.
2) My favorite topics are sewing and papercrafting.
3) I usually check your blog four times a week.

I love the happiness that exudes from you - you're very genuine and it shows.

Molly Kate said...

Thanks everyone for your comments! It has been SO ENCOURAGING to hear from all of you and I feel like I know you better! Thanks again!