Get Organized Week ~ studio inspirations!

It's "Get Organized Week" on the blog and in my studio this week! I love the idea of having everything at my fingertips and ready to begin creating for Spec and Wings 2011. I thought I'd share my organizing adventures with you and see if you had any ideas to help me out too!

It's no secret...I'm not organized by nature. (It's honestly a bit of a stretch for this "free-spirited-artist"!) But it's also a MUST to be in business, create efficiently, and have a peaceful home. So, I've been working on my "paper work", supply closet, and creative studio space. 

I thought I'd start off the week with a bit of studio inspiration and see what I can learn from other artists about how to get organized. (Plus, what's more fun than seeing inside a real artist's studio?!?)

Okay, here goes!

I'm LOVING this little desk space. I think a inspired place to do my "paper work" is going to be vital.
(Quaint Handmade)

How peaceful is this creative space? I'd love a big table to spread out on and a big comfy chair to sketch in while I sip my coffee!
 (Trina Glovan)

Sewing machine ready to go....perfect!
 (Home Designing)

Shelving unit storage is lovely and organized!
(Lovely Days)

Cubbies are just cute enough to work! Plus the little lanterns...I could see turning them on and working in the dark sometimes!
 (My Aim Is True)

Oh, Pottery Barn you've done it again! It's like an inspiration WALL!
 (Pottery Barn)

I love a painting corner with the easels set up to work on several paintings at once...totally brill!
(Practical Learnings) 

Stylish inspiration boards.... sooo much more fun than a plain bulletin board, yes?
 (Pretty Little Studio)

I can't get over this loud and proud shelving unit of supplies! If you look closely, you'll see she's used baskets, wire bins, buckets, boxes, glass canisters, magazine holders, and Tupperware's! Plus a brightly  painted wall! Pretty!
(Tara Anderson)

I think this is enough to get me started! How about you? Do you have a creative space? How do you organize and decorate it to keep you inspired?

Happy *organized* Monday!

p.s. I'll be announcing the winner of the coffee cozy & flower clip giveaway this afternoon! You have a few more hours to enter! ;) (see post below!)

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