My Heart's a Flutter!

.....because Valentines Day is coming soon! So, today I'm taking a little break from "our regularly scheduled programing" to bring you a little something fun!....

wanna know a secret? The other day I ordered these on etsy from California Craft and Knot and Bow! I'm so ready to make Valentines and wrap up pretty etsy orders!

*sigh*...bakers twine is my new favorite! :) I got it in black,pink, and red!

I think these little glossy bags will wrap up etsy orders quite nicely!

....and I'm possibly most excited about these pretty doilies! Red and silver....wow!

I can't wait to show you my plans for these!!!

have a lovely thursday!

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1 comment:

Kate said...

I LOVE the bakers' twine!! I think I need to find some baby blue & khaki to match my business cards.

A friend sang this to me over Christmas, as I wrapped my gifts, "...brown paper packages tied up with string..." SO MADE ME THINK OF YOU!!

XOXO, Kate