In the Studio with Ragan Burkley!

 This girl has changed the way I look at and feel about art. She is an incredible artist and art teacher and I'm thrilled to tour her studio today! Check it out...you're sure to be inspired.

[from sweet Ragan herself!]
So these aren't very exciting but I'm hoping they can show women of all kinds that they really can hold onto their treasured art supplies, even if they don't have an entire room dedicated to their craft. Not everyone HAS a studio! We've been fortunate that I've always had a studio space to create, but now we are condensing space to make room for...other things :)

1. I purchased some containers from target with these awesome sturdy lids for all of my fabric. The best part is the handles
2. I purchased a small, shallow container for scraps, Because sometimes I just can't throw away the last piece of a favorite fabric :)
3. This is what I always start out with: my favorite black marker and some labels. I actually DID invest in a label maker but I like my handwriting (way more fun) so I usually just hand-write my labels
4. Here I have my 4 containers: scraps, felt, dark fabric and light fabric

5. Here is the top shelf in the fabric section: fabric scraps, buttons, extra moo cards, and my portable art tote...
6. ...which my father-in-law gave me (he works in a hospital) and is TOO ADORABLE!!
7. Heres the whole shelving unit

8. And this is on another shelving unit: my color-organized scrapbooking paper!
9. My painting supplies shelf
10. My dry media shelf
11. My art, cataloged by year (found these awesome flat document storage boxes at Ikea)...woops! Out of order!

12. Misc "marketing" supplies
13. I relocated my bulletin board inside the closet because I usually put business cards, thank you letters from customers, and notes of encouragement on it
14. Old scrapbooks, photo albums, multiple sketchbooks, how-to books, etc

All of this inside this tiny 4x5 foot closet! You've gotta be super organized for that!!

My desk...always Messy :P

Thanks Ragan! You've given us TONS of fun ideas for getting organized in a small space! And I ADORE your handwritten labels....:)

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*happily stored* tuesday!

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