Advent: Day 4!

Hello sweet friends! I have been inspired lately by the adorable little Christmas scenes and I'd love to set a few up at home! They are little vignettes! (vignette generally means something small.)

Here are a few little Christmas vignettes that I've seen around blogland....I hope you get inspired!

 I'm thinking I need to try this on the fireplace, the table, and a few shelves!
Do you have any fun ideas for Christmas decorations?

Are y'all out there? Miss your comments!

happy thursday!

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Ragan said...

i LOVE the one with the bottles and the ornaments upside down in them! reminds me of meredith's wedding reception, where she put ornaments upside down in candlesticks!! remember that?!?! i have about 40 blue and green glass bottles sitting in box just waiting to be used for something crafty (i used them for bridal shower centerpieces in the past, with peacock feathers and single white flowers in them, in small groupings, but now i'm like, "what do i do with these?") - what a GREAT idea!!