Farmer's Market Birthday! (Rewind)

Thanks for coming out to Farmer's Market's 3rd Birthday Party! It was our best day ever and we enjoyed seeing all of you! Of course my camera was out of batteries, so I had nothing to show y'all. (Oops!) But the fabulous Kate Dominguez saved the day with these rockin' shots! Thank you Kate!!!

Behind the scenes of our booth...my Dr. Pepper and Jeremy's coffee
(coffee at FM is so GOOD by the way!)

These are our new business cards/tags! Aren't they cute!? Especially on Danielle's handmade hats!

This was the Farmer's Market birthday cake! AMAZING detail...she even made us a little "flying olive"!

Here we are with our tables and the AWESOME support of sweet Jeremy who always comes out to help!(you're the best my love!)....we have hilarious expressions..what are we thinking?!? :)

We are taking a break from Farmer's Market this weekend, but we will be back on November 20th and 27th! Mark your calendars and come see us for the newest Christmas-y creations!

happy thursday!

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