DIY: Inspiration Board!

I'm SO excited to share my first DIY of the season! If y'all like it, I'll feature more DIY's soon!

This a tutorial for how to make your own Christmas Inspiration Board! You could use it to hold Christmas cards, photos, color combos your love, Bible verses and more! You could put it on your desk at work or your mantle at home! Okay...here goes!

Supplies: VELVET ribbon, rubber stamps, iron, fabric, old frame, tape, clothes pins

To add a design to your velvet ribbon, begin by laying your rubber stamp with the rubber facing up. Then lay your velvet ribbon over it with the velvet facing up. (this only works on velvet ribbon!)

Next, heat up your iron (I used the cotton setting) and set it on top of the ribbon and press for a few seconds. Try not to move around much!

When you lift the iron, there should be an imprint of your stamp on your ribbon! You can add more with other stamps by repeating these steps.

When your ribbon is complete, you can prepare the frame to have the ribbon added.
Frame your piece of fabric in the old frame and secure it with tape. Then cut two strips of your "stamped" ribbon and tape them to the back of the frame.

Now, use your clothes pins to add your favorite images and inspiration!!!

ENJOY! If you do create this, please share a photo or a link!

lots of love! molly

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