s'mores...an introduction to an art party tradition!

I've been going on and on about how much I've been craving s'mores lately! When we went to the grocery store this week, Jeremy asked if I wanted to get the stuff to make them..........YES!

Microwave s'mores have been a long time art party tradition for Danielle and me. It was really fun to share our special recipe with Jeremy!

arts 053

arts 054
(haha! this is a funny little "family photo" pose :)

arts 056

The verdict? A little hard to eat......

arts 057

but SO worth it!!!

arts 058


I might or might not have had 2 yesterday.

Yesterday was great and I feel very accomplished after taking care of business! I have been creating up a storm and I CAN'T WAIT to open the shop and show you everything I've been working on! ....I have a LOT of surprises to show you very soon!

happy thursday!

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