"Twihard" art party!

Okay, so Danielle and I are planning and counting down the days until we get to see Eclipse! (Don't lie....so are you!!!) I'm almost done with the book too!

We have been laughing about who's team we're on for a while now. We finally thought it would be awesome to make hilarious t-shirts that say "Team Jacob" and "Team Edward"! .....I know, we're pretty funny, but it was really a blast! Of course you know what team I'm on right?!?

arts 029

arts 027

arts 028

(I just thought this was too funny!)

arts 030

Here are the backs....inprogress...

arts 031

arts 032

Are you a "Twihard" fan? Who's team are you on? :)

Tomorrow's a day for taking care of a few things so I'll post again on Thursday!
Have a happy tuesday & wednesday!


Rob & Jen said...

Definitely on Team Edward! Hello everyone who has read the last book should be on my team :) Anyway, how exciting! I'm going to see it on Saturday and can't wait and am proud of it... hope to see you soon!

Kristen said...

I am on Team Edward! I love me some vampire! I am also reading the Breaking Dawn book, but had to put it down because it was too heavy to take on my roadtrip.

Heather said...

Adorable! I especially love the backs of the shirts. I'm team Jacob! Haha!

Heather Anne said...

These are awesome! Hoping to see it this weekend at the IMAX in Dallas! I am pumped!