the after-party.....

Hey everyone! Thanks for joining in yesterday for my first blog party! I had such a blast!

Thanks again to all of the guest bloggers! I really enjoyed all of the DIY's and inspiration! The giveaways were UNBELIEVABLE! If you haven't entered them....scroll down and enter them over the weekend!

AND for the "after party"... be sure to visit my new online shop! Here: www.specsandwings.etsy.com

There you will find....

arts 249

Photo 99

arts 238

arts 208

Photo 110

arts 259

...and more! I am really excited about how the shop turned out and I'd LOVE for you to come and visit! Please tell me which things you love best!

I'm so thankful for all of your sweet comments and messages yesterday. Thanks for your support! I'm so excited to share this new adventure with all of you!

have a very happy Saturday!

p.s. scroll down to see yesterday's blog party! Be sure and enter to win great works of art by my guest bloggers and the chance to take my new online class absolutely free!

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