My Beloved, My Friend!

arts 038

I loved getting to create a painting for this sweet couple! The husband asked for the Bible verse, "This is my Beloved, this is my Friend." to be added in the painting and it completely melted my heart! He sent a couple of pictures for me to choose from, but I loved the possibilites I saw in this one from thier wedding. It seemed so perfect and full of joy, energy, and seemed to scream out this sweet statement...."My Beloved, My Friend!" I imagined the bubbles to feel like they were enveloping them as they left to live out a life of "oneness". I decided that they should be in color and dance all around them!

It was a blast to paint this and I hope it reminds them of their precious commitment to each other.

happy monday!


Ragan Burkley said...

that is just awesome and beautiful molly!

Alan said...

Hey Molly,

This is Alan, the groom in this painting. I just wanted to let you know that you did an absolutely amazing job!! Thank you for doing this for us. We will cherish it forever!
I read in your bio that you worship through art, that is awesome! My life is all about worshiping through the art of music. I am a worship pastor and always try to help people see that we are all gifted and called to glorify God through whatever He has given us. All that to say, I am even more happy to share your art and our new piece with everyone because I know you are doing it for His glory! Sorry for the sermon :-). Its just cool to find a kindred creative spirit.

Have a Blessed Day!

Alan said...

P.S.- you posted this picture right on our two year anniversary!