candle light date night!

arts 002

My sweet Jeremy took me on a lovely little date yesterday! It was so perfect to have a candle light dinner with my best friend in our own little home! I loved getting to spend time together talking and eating amazing chicken fried rice!

He's SO sweet! I couldn't help but feel so happy and loved! I never wanted it to end! My husband is AMAZING!!!

arts 016

Oh! I finished the two paintings I mentioned earlier in the week. I can't wait to show them to you! Thanks for the suggestions for my shop....keep em coming!

I'm excited for the weekend, are you?

happy friday!

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Ragan Burkley said...

how awesome!!

and i was looking at some of your older blogs.....don't you just LOOOOVE that light green fabric with the black and white flowers?!? that's the one i put on my modified photo mat!