two cute!

These two cute coffee cozies are off to a sweet friend of mine! One is for her own little daily cup o'joe and the other for a giveaway on her blog!
I'll keep you updated...

arts 098

arts 117

I miss making these!....I'm considering a "spring collection" of them...

arts 110

arts 106

arts 108

arts 103

Any one interested in some new cozies!?! .....I'm also considering re-opening my etsy...hmmm....

lots of fun things to think about! what do y'all think?!

happy day!


Ragan Burkley said...

yes, yes! i want more!!

Robin Reece said...

I most definitely think an etsy shop is a fantastic idea!! Also I was curious as to whether you are going to have any more summer (or maybe spring??!) sessions on different projects and such like you did last year??