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For Michael and Anneke's wedding I was so honored and excited to make these! They are table card/guesbooks! Each of them is a hand drawn and watercolored painting or "table card" that doubles as a handmade vintage style guestbook!

arts 052

The bride LOVES flowers so she requested that each table be named after a flower. The theme of the wedding was "enchanted garden" so i tried to choose pretty vintage style papers and use colors that went with the theme. I took these photos at the hotel, but I hope to show you pictures of them as part of the centerpieces at the reception soon!

arts 039

Each one is made special for my favorite newly weds, but this one went on their very own table because Michael calls Anneke "Sweet Pea"....isn't that sweet?!

arts 054

arts 043

arts 049

I saw guests writing their wisdom, advice, memories, and well wishes in each book! I hope they treasure the love on every page for years to come!

arts 047

arts 042

I LOVED making these to celebrate and love on Michael and Anneke during such a special time in their lives! Love y'all!

happy wednesday!

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Theresa said...

Those are beautiful! I love them. What a great idea.