beauty in small things.

I am excited to share this newest painting with you today! It is a custom piece for a sweet girl that I went to high school with named Amanda. I was so honored to be asked to create a painting that will help her remember and tell the story of how God has been her strength and hope this past year!

arts 156

It looks a little different depending on what angle you see it from...the sunset has a "glimmer" to it from this angle...

arts 116

I loved that she wanted me to use things that are symbolic to her and remind her of certain memories, like this orange tissue paper...

arts 123

I added a few items to convey parts of the story and make it more personal to her, like these vintage book pages that represent Truth (unfading)...

arts 120

....and the swirls around the edges represent God's presence in every situation...

arts 125

A lot of the painting is based on moments when Amanda experienced beauty in small things and how the Lord revealed Himself to her. I have been so inspired working with her!
Thank you for this opportunity Amanda! It was so fun to create this for you. I've never done anything like this and I loved it! I hope and pray that it's an awesome way to share your testimony and celebrate God's faithfulness!
Thanks for letting me share it!
happy Wednesday!


Kayla said...

That is SO pretty!

Jules said...

Molly, God has given you such a wonderful gift of creating art. It's a beautiful piece as always. = )