I couldn't help but be inspired by these two adorable kiddos and the amazing photos by Mari Annelise Photography!

I hope this sweet family enjoys these new photo paintings!

arts 007

arts 010

happy thursday!

p.s. I'm headed out of town this weekend, but with my new camera in hand! I'll share more next week!
****** update******
Sweet Robin sent me this photo of her new paintings in her new home!
This is what she said:
"The lovely Molly Swanson painted these of my children...all I can say is they are simply amazing and have brought me so much joy already!! Without even knowing my kids, the Lord spoke through scriptures to Molly and she truly captured who they are. (Original photos taken by Mari Annelise Thomas)"
p.s. I met Robin in a Starbucks one morning and I was thirlled to discover that she read my blog! (wow! how incredibly humbling!) I got to meet her kids at Starbucks when i met with her again and they are the coolest, sweetest kids you've ever met! thanks so much again for letting me create these for you!!!


Britt@artbybritt said...

Hi Molly! These are great! Just wanted to say that I just spent some time looking through your blog archives, and we seem to have really similiar taste in art (coffee art! yes!)... thanks for the inspiration this morning - I need it!

Mari said...

I love what you have done with my photography! The Lord has blessed you with such an incredible talent!