happy 30th mister!

arts 030
Last week was Jeremy's birthday week! He turned 30 and we tried to do something fun each day of the week! We had a party on Saturday with his family including 30 presents, lots of rock band, and chocolate cake! On his birthday, we went to the drive in to see Holmes! We took blankets and food and it was awesome!!! ...Then another night was had a "Happy 30th Mister" dinner with awesome chinese take out! Here's a few fun photos from that...

arts 026

arts 024

arts 028
It was great week and I'm so thankful for my amazing man!
I love you mister!!!


The Wild Curl said...

OMG I LOVE the mustaches! SO CUTE!!!

That Holga option on your camera ROCKS! We gotta use that outside, some day SOON.

Anita said...

I also like the mustashes. I kind of want to show you the ones we took around halloween with a wax mustach....then again I dont.