tree time

This Christmas I get to decorate 3 trees! We started our first two last week at each of our parents' homes. I love that we can share new and old tradions together!
Here we are at Jeremy's parents' house....

new 049
They have this really fun tradition that each year his mom will make everyone an ornament to remember what happened that year! Fun huh? It's so sweet, I already have a couple :)

new 045
new 046
Then the next night, we went to my parents' house to decorate another tree!

new 052
I was fun to show him all of the ornaments we've used since I was little, which ones are my favorite and the ones my great grandma sewed!

new 056

new 058
I can't wait until we get to decorate our tree, but it's going to be a while longer because we're in the process of moving apartments! Until then, we'll just enjoy these! I'm SO excited for Christmas! I have lots more to share soon...
happy wednesday!

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