our first thanksgiving!

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hey everyone! I have so much to tell y'all! What a crazy, fun, and interesting first Thanksgiving Jeremy and I had! Let me get you up to speed here.

This was our first year to contribute to the meal! Jeremy made his famous roasted sweet potatoes (which were a major hit!) and we also made green beans (well...you know, microwaved them.) And we decided that we wanted to try to make this AWESOME pie recipe!

What could be better for thanksgiving than cheesecake, pumpkin pie, AND chocolate?!? Well, it was a lot harder than it looks. But, after battling down the dessert isle at HEB to get a huge can of pumpkin from the last pallate (only to realize later that it was pie filling, not "pure pumpkin" and have to start all over!), another trip to a different store for more pumpkin, then finally mixing up the incredients and accidently shooting orange goo ALL over the kitchen and myself, and staying up until 2:00 AM while the pie cooked for 2.5 hours (the recipie said 45 min.) ... we finally had these pies!

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YUM!!!....it was crazy getting there, but they were AWESOME!

The next day was Thanksgiving and since we went to bed at 2:30 AM, I knew it would be a doosey of a day, so I made us this Thanksgiving day mix! Yes, I know I have interesting music taste, but it really helped us. I was able to focus on the things I have to be thankful for to the tunes of Ingrid Michaelson, Jack Johnson, The Fray, Feist, Josh Kelley, and the rest!

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We finally got everything together (including the pumpkins for fun gifts!) and decided to take a picture of us leaving the house. Here's my sweet man!

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and me in the adorable apron my sister Emily sewed for me!
(cute huh? missed you this year sis!)

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As you may have noticed, one of my shoes is a little farther over in the picture. We had another unfortunate mishap leaving the house...yep, as I backed up to take a photo, I landed in a surprise. Could one more mess happen this holiday? I had already cleaned pumpkin off of the wall! Ha ha! So, I got cleaned up again, changed, and we were off to our first stop!

We went to my parents' house first and ate and enjoyed time together relaxing and looking through the huge newspaper...fuN! My Mema helped we arrange our decorations for this shot:

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Then we went to Jeremy's parents' for even more fun, food and family! I get TWO Thanksgiving meals now!!! Married life rocks! Then we met up with Jeremy's best friend and his awesome wife and went to see this:

It was SOOO good! ...I'm still thinking through all the amazing things I have to be thankful for before I add them to my "thankfulness journal" (pictured above) How was your Thanksgiving? What are you thankful for?

happy first day of December!

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