a list for a thankful week...

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I painted a few fall pumpkins in honor of this special holiday!
Thanksgiving has meant more to me this year than ever before. What are a few fun things I want to do this week? Why, I'd love to share, thanks for asking!
1. try out new recipes on family and friends (a new pasta and a yumo pie are calling my name!)
2. write a thoughful list of handmade gifts that are a must to give this Christmas
3. read the third book in the Twilight series - yes, I'm one of "those people" ha!
4. make an "altered book" thankfulness journal
5. start making Christmas decorations with Jeremy
6. start packing for our move
7. make sketches of ideas for our new apartment home
8. decide if we're really sending Christmas cards :)
9. sew new coffee cozies (they make great stocking stuffers!)
10.write some sweet "thank you" notes...only seems appropriate, right?
12. finish some custom paintings (loving how they are coming y'all!)
13. find a new favorite coffee creamer (my beloved pumpkin spice is so hard to find now!)
what's on your list? I hope your weekend is full of fun!
happy tuesday!

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Ragan said...

oh my goodness! I LOVE those pumpkins!! so beautiful! gosh i don't know how you think of the things you do, but i am so glad that you do!! you are such an inspiration!
what a wonderful list of things to be thankful for :)