cozy up!

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I felt so very domestic this weekend...I made a patchwork pillow from an old skirt! After a nice little "square up" of the different patterned patches I created a "faux quilting" by stitching the squares to a piece of fluffy fleece before sewing it to the back. It has really warmed up our quirky little brown chair! What do you think? Perhaps this chair would be cozier with a little handmade blanket or second funky shaped pillow?!
What are you doing to "cozy up" your home for fall? I'd love to get some more ideas!
happy tuesday!


Kate said...

EEEEK!!!! So cute!!!! I wanna make something cozy & flawless...

Hmmmm....wait...I have the weekend free!!! Coziness here I come!!!

I feel mini-pumpkin cheesecakes, cozy somethings & thank you notes!

Ragan Burkley said...

love the pillow! LOVE the curtains behind it even more!!