Wedding Art Gallery!

I found these photos that my sister Emily took from our wedding! I have been really wanting to share this with y'all...
When we were planning our wedding, Jeremy and I decided we really wanted to involve our family and friends in the celebration of what God is doing! We thought it would be fun to ask for artwork to display at the reception. We were overwhelmed by the creations that were given to us and moved in our hearts! The very idea of the people we're so close to making something for us spoke to our hearts in such a real way.

I love that everyone who contributed had a different expression and a different meaning, and we love them all! There are even more than the ones pictured because some arrived on our wedding day...I'll try to get those pictures posted soon :) We loved having an art gallery at our reception!!! We are so excited to share these with y'all!


Ms. Bonnie (Jeremy's mom) set up the art gallery area and let me go to town! I loved creating each title and name tag and writing out each artist's explanation of what their artwork represents. Emily and Ragan put the finishing touches on it for the big day! It was perfect. Emily is the amazing photographer of all of these photos...thanks sis!



"Specs and Wings Build Their Nest" By Ragan Burkley


"Where my Song Begins" by Amber Burger


"My Beloved" by Bailey Dodds

"Nevertheless" by Paige Dunn


"Faithful Bliss" by Kate Dominguez


"Once Upon a Time" by Janelle Row (my mom!)

by Kent Rogers


"A Perfect Pair" by Julia Marcos



by Lacy, Alina Tarango, Britney Bownds, Danielle Luke, me, Emily Prevost, Ragan Burkley, Amy Golightly, and Jennifer Fowler

(the girls at my shower each painted a small canvas that Danielle put together for us!)


"SHMILY" by Jennifer Fowler


"Bride and Groom" or "Something Blue" by Carol Flueckiger


"Under my Wing" by Danielle Luke


by Allison Kitchens


by Courtney Roberts


"Harmony" by Theresa Cathey




by Future Akins- Tillet

Hopefully I can take pictures of the rest so you can see them also! I so wish I had them today, but they will be a suprise for another day! We were so overwhelmed by these incredible artworks, we were speechless and moved in our hearts. It made our day so special and we're displaying as many as we can in our new home! They encourage us daily. As soon as we have more room, more can go up! We love them all!


Mike and Cymbre said...

I'm so glad you shared these on here! I'm still sad we weren't able to be there to worship with y'all as you became Mr. and Mrs! I know the art gallery was such a big part of that day and I was excited to see the awesome pieces that were a part of that!

Anita said...

Those are all fantastic! I must say the Under my wing is great. I have been so attracted to Owls lately.