I'm on Bagstab!!!

My design was accepted to Bagstab! This site lets you vote on your favorite designs to be kept in thier online store! I am honored to be among brilliant artists and designers in the running.
Check it out!
Cup of Culture
by Specs and Wings
I painted, drew, and collaged this design about the beauty in different cultures. I hope it moves hearts to come together!
what is bagstab?
Basically, a site for designers or doodlers to take up the challenge in having their picasso's accepted and printed on real usable bags of their choice. Of course $$ cash rewards for those printed.
Democracy at its best!
Designs are rated by you Bagstabbers!
So by popular vote the bagstab shop gets filled.
By popular demand, designs can be reprinted and Ka-ching!! ... another cash prize is awarded
Since we are for democracy, any ideas, comments, feedback, blah and blah can be voiced in the connect/forum section.
Now that you understand, let the bagstabbings begin!

Thanks for your votes! Y'all are awesome!!!


Rob & Jen said...

thats awesome Molly! So exciting! And yes I would love to go to girls night on Tuesday (the only thing that would hinder me is if we are moving that day,but hopefully we will have moved before then) :) I'll call you this weekend!

Jules said...

congratulations! I am so proud of you! Your work definitely deserves it. = )