my heart, so warm.

Picture 262
I'm feeling so amazingly loved this week. God has been using people to bring me such encouragement and I'd love to share it with you!
My sweet friend Kate made me this scrapbook page! Isn't it amazing! She's so incredible with collage! I feel so honored and blessed, it was just what I needed!
Picture 244

And not only that....she also gave me this beautiful painting!!! She created this lovely image about us because we talked about how I am a tree and she is an ivy! Isn't it cool!

Picture 251
Then, I read this yesterday and I have no words. I was almost in tears and I had chills! Thank you so much Sarah, you don't know how much I needed to hear your words!
Also, so many of you have responded in excitement about holiday classes and I can't wait to get going on that! If you have any more ideas, please email me!!! I was so blessed by everyone's emails yesterday encouraging me to keep going and keep creating. My heart, so warm.
Last night, Jeremy and I had dinner with this amazing couple! They welcomed us into their beautiful home and we had a delicious lasagna and heavenly lemon meringue pie! Danielle is an amazing cook and Matt set us up to play Mario Kart! It was such a fun time and we laughed more than we had in a long time. Thanks y'all!

Picture 256

{p.s. Danielle made me that adorable little cake and I smile every time I see it! They're getting married in October and I can't wait to share their gorgeous day with y'all!}

Picture 264
After dinner, Jeremy and I had to run some errands and he took me for a nice little "coffee night-cap"! isn't that sweet?!! I'm so blessed and encouraged by all of y'all as well!
Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my stories.
You are all wonderful! Praise God for His provision of encouragement!


Cari Denee said...

There isn't another person like Kate! She is one in a million!!!! Her kind heart and the passion she has when she talks! Its amazing!!!!

Molly Swanson said...

I couldn't agree more! That's the perfect word for Kate...PASSION! you are wonderufl Cari!

Mike and Cymbre said...

Kate has always had passion...but now it is AMAZING to see her passion for learning more about our Heavenly Papa and honor and praise Him in all she does!!

and Cari, even though I don't know you, I've heard a lot about you and from what I've heard, you are wonderful!

and Molly~~well, I comment all the time on how awesome you are! Thanks for sharing your heart in every blog posting!! I love getting to be a part of it by reading!

Jules said...

my flight goes into Bologna, Italy. I will not be back in the States until December to see my little brother graduate. Hope you continue to have a lovely week and know what an encouragement you are to me. = ) Love ya!

Kate said...

You girls are an awesome blessing to my life! Thank YOU for your encouraging words!! They truly brought a smile to my Monday face. *LOL*

You're FABULOUS!!!