the best 6 months ever!

Friday was our 6 month wedding anniversary! We had a fun weekend celebrating! This is an art journal page I made earlier this summer using one of our engagement photos by Brittany Strebeck and the lyrics to one of Jeremy's songs!!!
I decorated up the table full of fun memories. Then we totally broke out a piece of our wedding cake for the occasion....SO FUN! (and still yummy!)

I love him so much! We spent some time looking through a scrapbook I made for him and remembering how amazing, faithful, loving, and beautiful God is and has been in our story. (I'll try to post a few pages from it soon!)

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?


Mike and Cymbre said...

What fun!! I had a great weekend, thanks for asking! :) Mike returned home from a mission trip...I missed him so much!! Not only did I get my husband back but we had an amazing evening hearing what God did and is doing through our youth!!

Ragan Burkley said...

so sweet :) everything you do is so full of love!!