art journal pages...

...from my wedding gift to Jeremy! We were looking through it over the weekend and remembering God's goodness as we walked together into married life. I decided to make this art journal by altering an old book I found. I love the old funny drawings and the text showing through in places!
Journaling and scrapbooking are important to me because it helps me to remember what God has done. I love to look back and celebrate His faithfulness and that He is trustworthy. It also helps me to work through what I'm learning, so I did several of the pages during our time in marriage prep class at our church. I'm so excited about this journey that God is leading us through!
I wanted to show you just a few pages....

Picture 129

Picture 127


Picture 128


We were thinking about adding a little to it each year and Jeremy mentioned how amazing it could be to hand it to our kids someday and share with them the story that God wrote for our married life! Through hard things and beautiful things God has been so faithful to us.
happy Wednesday!