Platter Chalkboard DIY


Next up, a fun little DIY! I made this a few months ago when I was feeling super crafty. I know that chalkboards are "in" right now, and I really wanted a cute one of my own. I bought a wooden platter at Good Will for about 2 bucks spray painted it white for a base, and then spray painted it will some old chalkboard paint I had around the house. You could basically do this project for free if you have all the materials laying around! Super simple and super cute.


You will need:
A platter, plate or board of some sort
White or any color spray paint for a base
Chalkboard spray paint

I've already used mine for a menu display at a bridal shower...


a welcome sign in our new home...


and a grocery list reminders for my super forgetful brain (I'm 27 weeks prego with our first baby, and sheesh, is my brain forgetful these day!)...


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Thanks Brittany! That's ADORABLE!


Cari Denee said...

Thats so adorable! I am so ready to make one!

Kate said...

I LOOOOVE it!!! I have a huge can of chalkboard paint in my box. I'm ready to make everything into reminders around my house! THANK YOU! SO CUTE!