lovely moments & gifts


this summer has been a wonderous one.
surprises have been waiting for me around every corner!

Molly Guest Blog-1

as i’ve been shooting this spring & summer,
i have slowly discovered photography isn’t a self-exiled expectation anymore.

Molly Guest Blog-2

it’s become a wonderful, light filled dream i’m able to share with the world.

Molly Guest Blog-3

(“coffee w/ molly” includes some of my favorite gifts: fragrant coconut coffee, my favorite mug, a glorious painting by molly of my favorite camera—all gifts i cherish…)

i’ve finally abandoned the notion it’s important to know
whether people like or dislike my photography.

Molly Guest Blog-4

instead i’m embracing a life in awe-filled adoration of my Creator.

Molly Guest Blog-5

our glorious world is so full of color, beauty & surprising gifts,
i feel compelled to capture lovely moments based on whispers of feeling,
rather than technical skill or trendy concepts.
i want to rejoice in being me & i want to celebrate you.

Molly Guest Blog-6

so, let’s play together these clear summer days,
running through tall grass & blowing dandelions to the wind!
let’s drink chilled, fruitie delights & swim in crystal clear pools.
let’s all “oooo & ahhh” during fireworks. let’s celebrate life & its beautiful gifts to us.

Molly Guest Blog-8

i feel it’s important to share what we love with the world.

so to celebrate molly’s etsy shop opening & blog party!
i want to share with you.

Molly Guest Blog-7


want to frame one of these photos for your home or give a gift of your own?
after this post, please leave a comment with your name & email address!

at the end of the blog party, all names will go in a hat drawing. the winner will be notified, then able to choose 1 photo from this post.

the 8x10 photo will be printed & sent directly to your home.
i can’t wait to see who it will be!

in the meantime…


congratulations molly! your new shop is going to be simply amazing, just like you. thank you for inviting me for coffee at your site!
I love you sweet sister. ~kate

come visit me sometime at thewildcurl.blogspot.com!


emily prevost said...

Great photos, Kate. Thanks for sharing with Mol so we could all enjoy!

Cari Denee said...

OMGOODNESS! I love you Kate! You are so amazing and your artwork is so inspiring! I al so ready to go out and shoot again! I want a piece of your work in my house SO BAD!

Ragan Burkley said...

i would love one!

Kwyndawn said...

You have a great eye. The way you are using colors is beautiful! I love the very first flower picture you have on this blog.

Kwyndala Bowen