Flower Pen or Flower Pin?


Molly's blog and gifts of her creations (thanks for the birthday box, Mol) frequently inspire my own weekend creativity. I have recently become addicted to the fabric flowers she created for me and felt that I needed a couple of more tailored options to pair with my work attire. I found this tutorial (link here!) from the Primrose Corner blog which gave my friend Lacy and I exactly the help we needed to create our own flower pins. Here are a few samples of our creations:

I made this pin to embellish a tote bag I recently made to carry all my day to day necessities back and forth to the office


These were perfect to pair with my (almost completely) black and white wardrobe.


Our other flower creation for the day was really born of necessity. Lacy and I both seem to have difficulty keeping pens on our desks at work...people pick them up and don't return them, I throw them in my portfolio or they get lost in the bottom of my purse. We both needed something to help keep pens from walking away from our desks, so we opted to create "flower bouquets" which would be much more noticeable when walking off in a student's hand!

flower pens small

We just clipped the ends (leave a little stem) off a bunch of plastic flowers and used floral tape to bind each of them to a writing pen. Voila! Cute pens that are easy to keep track of.

Thanks Em! These are SO adorable! I think I need those pens for my office too!

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