I want to have a dinner party!

Jeremy and I are getting close to having our home all fixed up and decorated...nesting takes time! ;) Anyways, we really want to have people over for dinner and stuff so I keep seeing really cute ideas for dinner decor! Like these awesome butterflies. How pretty are they?

(timelesspaper.etsy.com )

I really want to make fun things like dinner invites, have a theme, dress up the table, have music playing.....the works! But...what I really need help with is the dinner :) I'd LOVE it if y'all would send me any EASY recipies or ideas! Links are welcome too!
And who knows... I might be inviting you to dinner soon!


Mike and Cymbre said...

Even though I won't be invited (or maybe I'll be invited but won't get to come), I'll be sending you a few dinner ideas. I LOVE dinner parties!! Good luck!

Mike and Cymbre said...

oh--and I read about a dinner party in a magazine that had everyone contribute to making a pasta sauce. They had "stations" set up and some cut onions while others cut tomatoes, etc. It sounded like a lot of fun...I'll see if I can find the article. It had the recipe and everything

The Roberts' said...

ooh! i will email you some good recipes. i love trying new recipes. you can sign up for betty crocker, kraft, etc emails that include recipes that are very easy.

Kate said...

Let's do it! I always keep a promise & this summer is NO different.

Molly Lessons 101 begin after the 4th of July! :o)