Expect to be Inspired!

Inspiration comes from everything! So when Jeremy and my soon to be sis-in-law, Anneke, took a stroll through the wine isle, I was AMAZED by the coolest wine label ART ever! I don't like wine...but I'm ALL over these awesome labels :) Check em out!

And also...here's a little update from Father's Day! It was SO fun, but a busy weekend for sure!

My awesome husband fired up the grill! We had bbq at his parent's house. His dad is all about coffee so we made him this card:

Picture 001

Then we went and played Wii with my dad and made him this card:
(those are "Wii-motes!)

Picture 004

Speaking of card making....the next Smells Like Rain Summer Online Class "Cards for Healing" starts tonight! To sign up: mollylovesjeremy@gmail.com! I'm SO excited!

I hope your weekend is amazing! Next week get ready for another artist spotlight and more inspiration from unexpected places...

What inspires you?


Kate said...

I think you may have just found me a new calling. *LOL*

The Roberts' said...

that davinci chianti... the region of chianti, where that wine is made, is where we were in tuscany!! i think wine labels are fun too, & some are super classy looking!

Mike and Cymbre said...

I LOVE wine labels! I'd seen a few of them but many of them were new to me...so cute! and I can totally see Kate making wine labels! Nice segway into the next Smells Like Rain class by the way! :)