Exciting Weekend!!!

And it's still happening!!! My heart is so full.
Right now I'm hanging with the most amazing sister ever!!!
For the past few days, Jeremy and I...
Have been here:
because our bro got engaged!!! Congrats y'all!!!
We also made new friends and our fun fam just keeps getting bigger :)

well, back to the party! More sister time/ being beaten at everything Wii by my other bro Blair!

Artist Features start this week! I'm so pumped!

How was your weekend?


Kate said...

OMG! Jeremy shaved his head! I'm gone a WEEK & everything changes!!! WHAT THE...? *LOL*

Congrats on the new addition to the fam!

Can't WAIT to see you this week. I need some Cafe N Convo. 4 SHUR!!!

Love you--tell Em & Family "HI!"

Anonymous said...
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