Art Parties Go Public!

This weekend, Danielle and I were in a local artshow! It was so fun because we both showcased something we created during our art parties in college. It was so fun to remember all of the good times we had and are still having now that we are "grown ups"! ha ha! Here are some pics from the night.

This is a painting I did about my beloved Jeremy and his awesome heart for worship through music. Its name keeps changing, but Jeremy's favorite title is "From the Inside Out".

This is a painting I did at Danielle's house during an art party! It was such a suprise even to me that the hands would have henna tatoos and express my desire to broaden my perspectives beyond my American borders! Its title is "Unexpected".

This is Danielle's awesome soft sculpture!!! It's the coolest thing ever! She describes it as "cute and creepy" ha ha!

It also won a prize! Way to go girl!

Well, there wil be a few more changes to my blog soon because I am taking on online class called "Bling Out your Blog" that is awesome. I love taking online classes, but time has been limited lately. The great thing is that the teachers give a pdf. file so I can do the class at my leisure! I would love to teach online classes someday. Would anyone be interested if I did? :) What would you like to take an online class to learn?

There will be more soon, it has just been a busy past couple of weeks. Have an amazing Monday!


Kayla Barker said...

I love your guitar painting! That is awesome!

Morgan said...

Hey Molls :) I love your painting for Jeremy. It really tells a story.

Ooo, I would love to take on online class by you! Maybe card making since that can be such a neat ministry. How cool would that be!

Love you and miss you!