Journaling & Tatoos

I have started my journal pages for Rachel Denbow's second art journaling class called "Steady Hand, Faulty Heart"! The theme is someday.
Here is the full page!

Back in the studio, Chelsea and I have been working hard! We decided to reward ourselves last night with post-it note tatoos!

Or maybe we're just going a little loopy.

Fall is in the air, it's suddenly cooler in the mornings and I have major coffee cravings. I want to watch You've Got Mail and buy new books to read. To celebrate "I'd send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address" haha!

What does this new season bring for you? Any changes? How's it going? Thanks again for reading my blog. it's so encouraging to hear from you!


Kate said...

I watched "You've Got Mail" last weekend & made your favorite chocolate coffee!! Let's do it again! OnCe AgAiN...our hearts are in sync. I PRAISE GOD for KINDRED SPIRITS!

Changes? For Miss Kate??? *LOL* Oh yes....czech owt my blog.



Unknown said...

a wonderful page...once again

Kate said...

Molls, I miss you... Have a great photographic weekend!

Jeremy has something to deliver to you! :)

I love you! Happy travels!