Engagement Pics Road Trip!

The morning sunlight peeked over the horizon, a neon red as we watched from a field of huge gorgeous sunflowers, too many to count. When would we ever have imagined such beauty? On Saturday, Jeremy and I woke up before the sun and took off on our first little road trip! It was SO fun! We went to get our engagement photos taken by Brittany Strebeck!

This amazing photographer is such a sweetheart. I remember countless mornings before student teaching that she would greet me with the warmest smile in Starbucks and my daily mocha routine. :) She is always full of kindness & shines for Christ! Check out her awesome photos here: http://www.brittanystrebeck.blogspot.com/

I'll give you a sneak peak, but you'll have to check out her blog for the rest!

be sure and leave her a comment about what an artist she is!


Kayla Barker said...

These are awesome! I saw them on Brittany's blog. I love the sunflower ones!

Anonymous said...

sooooo precious!
y'all are so cute & she is so talented!
(y'know, pottery anne!)

Rob & Jen said...

Molly those are awesome! I love the pictures and those sunflowers were perfect! I can't wait to see you/talk to you again soon!