my cup

Last night I wasn't feeling to well, but it was an art party night and that was great medicine. Because of my state, I was just letting the painting take me where ever. Here's the result. I'm glad I didn't over think this too much. I got stuck at one point, but I'm Danielle was awesome and suggested the tag. That's when I realized that this is sort of a self portrait. I can certainly see personal symbols. :)
If this was your coffee cup, what would be flowing out? Don't think too hard....let me know!

I accidently pushed some wierd key combination on my key board and I turned on the "Narrator". I didn't know computers had this! It's to help people who have vision impairments. It will tell you what keys you are pressing and then read various things on the screen. I dont want to turn it off...it's kind of fun! haha! He has a very monotone voice though. Anyways, have great Thursday!


The Roberts' said...

my coffee cup... im not as creative as you, but something representing relationship/friendship... some music notes... a petite, whispery flame (which i think would represent a lot)... & much more im sure :-)

Brittany Strebeck said...

all i know is that whatever would be flowing out of my coffee cup would NOT be that cute!

i love it!

ashley said...

when i look at your blog, i crave coffee. wierd.