Fair Haven Blog-athon!

Amanda, Jimmy (new friends!) Kate, and me (we were cheering him on & this pic is on one of his posts!)
My friend Kate was out supporting the Fair Havens Blog-athon today and invited me! It was awesome to meet these great folks and see them support this great cause! Jimmy will be on site blogging all night and into tomorrow! He is such an awesome guy and it was a pleasure to meet him! Go to the "my west texas" website to send him some encouragement or to donate to this worthy cause!

What is Fair Havens? Check out what thier website says!

The Apostle Paul took temporary shelter at a place named Fair Havens when he was faced with adverse conditions while traveling to Rome (Acts 27:8). The harbor at Fair Havens provided sanctuary for Paul as he prepared for the rest of his journey.

In a similar way, Midland Fair Havens serves as a place of refuge and restoration for single mothers as they prepare to make a better life for themselves and their children.

I LOVE this idea! I feel so blessed to have spent time with everyone day and see thier beautiful hearts for local women and children who need help. Thanks for listening & go check out these blogs!!!!

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