Sushi Owl & Hena Coffee- I heart art parties!

my mixed media painting of crazy hena tatoo hands holding coffee. This painting went a completely different way than I expected. Don't you just love when art happens that way? I love the way this makes me want to explore another culture! (* if you're interested in purchasing, just leave me a comment :) !* )

This is Danielle's incredible Owl & Sushi. I wish this photo came out better because the painting it's beautiful. She's so good! The wood grain is showing through and it has such amazing metalic detail!

Danielle & I had an amazing art party tonight!!! I can't tell you how much I miss these from college! I'm so amazingly blessed that Danielle & I still live in the same town!!! Well, I didn't get the best pics of our stuff, but here they are!! Danielle has much better pics of everything here.

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Olive Eyes said...

Yes we can have them until we are old and gray and once we sit on the floor someone has to help us get up!! and then we can have them laying in bed like Frida did!!