Sneak Peak

Hey Everyone! Here's a sneak peak into my temporary studio space a.k.a the living room table. My parents are amazing to allow me to totally engulf the table in art supplies and they have been so so encouraging of my art! I am so blessed. Still working on the same painting and note the small version in pastels on the side! It may be part of a giveaway to announce my new online etsy shop coming soon! Stay tooned for details.
Okay, so here's a small list of musts for my "table studio":
1. Basic Acrylic paint in my Vans shoe box
2. paper plate pallette (so professional)
3. paper towel wads
4. tiny, medium, and huge paint brushes in a yellow paint stained cup
5. Sculpey clay
6. Milk Duds
7. Prang Gallery chalk pastels
8. Open can of Dr. Pepper
9. Crayola oil pastels
10. Empty coffee cup
11. my phone
12. Sun shining through the huge windows!
I love lists. When I was cleaning out to move home I can't tell you how many lists I found. Are you a list maker? What's on your list?


The Roberts' said...

i like your questions at the end. :-)

i LOVE lists. i make a list each week of what i'm doing on each day & take it off after i do it. ill make a list just so i can cross things off! its quite satisfying.

The Dodds said...

The first thing I noticed was the coffee cup and the dr. pepper can and thought... "I'm glad Molly is getting enough caffeine!" Then I read your list... which of course I also love lists. I'm impressed with how organized we all are!

Brittany Strebeck said...

oh my goodness molly... how have i gone this long without being one of your blog stalkers?? i love your work... simply beautiful!