A Skinny Mocha With Legs Please!

This is a cute little "to go" coffee cup/ box! The lid comes off to a reveal a place to hide your treasures. I used sculpey clay to creat a cup, sleeve, and lid. Then I painted them with acrylics and sealed it with varnish to make it super shiny. If anyone is interested, I may sell something similar in my online store set to open in May!

This is me...just being dorky. I hope you have an amazing Wednesday. Special shout out to my new favorite art teacher...Congrats Danielle!!!

My favorite coffee is mocha with whip, or honey latte...mmm.

What you're favorite coffee?


The Dodds said...

BLACK COFFEE!! I have finally grown up I think! Sometimes if I'm feeling edgy I will put some creamer or splenda!

The Roberts' said...

tall non fat caramel macchiato! im not as grown up as bailey yet :-) i also drink my morning coffee with caramel vanilla creamer, it is yummy.