I'm goin home

I'm going home today. College life is officially over. I don't really know what to expect after 3 years living in Lubbock. I know that my fiance, my family, my church, and some of my dearest friends will be there when I return home. They remind me of this little church I would see everyday on the way to school. I was initially attracted to it's rugged exterior and colorful stained glass windows. It reminded me of the painting I had done over spring break.
When I walked over for a closer look, I noticed that it had a small light bulb hanging from the doorway. This light bulb has been on every time I have driven by. It's like a welcome that never dims. That's what I think of today as I move home. They left the light on for me.

I'm finally finished with college and I'm blessed with memories of friends, professors who changed the way I view the world, and probably more coffee than any one person should ever drink. God is so good and I'm happy. I'm extatic that Jeremy and I are done with being in a long distance relationship!!! Jeremy said it best yesterday...It's like a breath we can finally breathe out. I can't wait to see what's in store next!

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Anonymous said...

Mollo - I just happened upon your blog! How wonderful!!! How has life been since you've been done?