Invites and Tags

I've been working on invites to my new online shop and business cards this evening! I love working with paper...and stamps are also amazing. I thought about having them made or printing them on the computer, but I think there's something so personal about something that is handmade.
I created my invites on blank postcards. I stamped them and added my handwriting on the front. On the back I wrote out a message and the address. For the buisness cards I decided on an unconventional small tag. Tags have been showing up in my artwork lately and I thought they would make a perfect card in this small size! They have a stamp on the front and my signature with my info on the back. I think they need a little colored ribbon for the hole. Any ideas or suggestions?

I'm super excited tonight so I'm off to create a while longer! I'll let you know what turns up next!

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